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The Haunted Castle

By Esther Magasis

Chapter 1

A long time ago, in a kingdom far away, there was a castle and a pond where a swan used to swim, but now the town was deserted because the king was gone in the pond. There was a monster, a goopy gloopy monster. The shining sun that used to brighten the town was gone.

In this castle was a ghost . Now, this ghost was no ordinary ghost. This ghost was an old soldier that lost his head in a battle. After he died, he went back to the castle and killed the king to get revenge for making him fight, and everyone who goes in the castle never came out.

One night, two girls were looking for a home when they saw the castle sitting there just waiting for them to dare to come inside. They were glad.

"Look!" chirped the youngest. " Look! The whole castle waiting for us!"

"You are right!" said the older girl. "It is waiting for us! It might need a little cleaning up, though." So the girls started unpacking their stuff.

"Look!" said the little girl. "They left all their furniture here!"



They looked around and found a treasure chest. They looked very hard for a key, then they found one. Slowly they opened the lid, and the ghost popped out! It was wiggley. Even his sound was wiggley. He carried a sound in his wiggley arm, and in the other arm he held the hideous head.



Chapter 2

"Heads and Horses"

Out he came chasing after the two girls. He chased and chased.

Suddenly , the ghost vanished. Then the girls found out that the ghost would vanish forever if they left the castle gate and would disappear if it was not in its proper spot when the crack of the sun rose. The sun was rising, and pretty soon, all the people found out about the town and happily returned to their homes.

"Out, out!" he shouted. The girls ran for the door. They ran and ran and ran. They ran through the gate into the deserted streets.


In return of getting rid of the ghost, they gave the girls two beautiful horses named Rusty and Brownie. The older girl was made queen, and the younger girl was made princess. They found a king named Ed to marry the queen.