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Environmental Health Group (EHG)

Consulting Services

Schedule of Rates and Charges

As of March 1, 2000


Expert Witness / Litigation Support
$85 / hour
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) / Trainer
$80 / hour
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
$70 / hour
Environmental Health and Safety Technician
$55 / hour
Technical Translations (Spanish/Japanese/English) 
$0.25 - 0.35 / word
Administrative Assistance
$35 / hour


Fixed Price Services

In instances when the services or the character of the final work product are sufficiently defined, EHG may provide such services or deliverables on a fixed price basis.

Equipment Charges

At the client’s request, technical equipment may be used both in-house or in the field to assists EHG personnel in their work. Hourly or daily access fees may be charged for selected equipment.

Other Project Expenses

Project expenses requiring administrative processing are charged at cost plus fifteen percent (%15). These may include (but are not necessarily limited to) meals, materials, equipment, outside laboratory tests, outside computer charges, special printing and reproduction, shipping charges, special fees, or supplemental insurance. Professional time and expenses related to legal discovery requirements brought about by EHG services will be charged at the above rates.

Payment is required within 30 days after receipt of invoice or interest charges may be applied.

Write to us at:
UBI #601274336
Call or fax us anytime at:
208 N. 54th Street,
Phone/Fax: (206) 784-9980
Seattle, WA 98103
Cellular: (206) 852-3422